Top Crypto Prices Today – BTC, ETH, ADA Gain Up To 6%

The overall cryptocurrency market capitalization gained more than 1% to $2.21 trillion. Meanwhile, the global crypto volume lost over 8%, standing at $87.35 billion.

The crypto space seems to nurse its wounds following a sharp 48-hour decline catalyzed by thing trading sessions ahead of the New Year. The drawbacks came as Western nations saw investors taking their profits before the financial year-end.

Excluding the dollar-tied USDC, nine of the top ten digital assets traded higher early today. Terra led the pack with a 6% 24-hour gain, followed by Solana and Cardano with their +3% surges. The upward actions had the overall crypto market cap gaining more than 1% to $2.21 trillion. On the other side, the global crypto market volume plummeted by over 8% to stand at $87.35 billion.

Crypto Market in India

Cryptocurrency exchanges that saw double-digit increases over recent times are experiencing slowdowns in new user registration this month after the delayed crypto law. New registrations on most cryptocurrency exchanges had seen a 10% increased month-on-month until November-October. The growth came as investors awaited the legal framework during Parliament’s winter session. Nevertheless, most platforms have noted losses of nearly 15 to 25%.

Experts Viewpoint

CoinSwitch Kuber, crypto investing application, listed Shiba Inu on Thursday. Users can now buy, trade, or sell the meme coin in Indian currency with lucrative investing features for volatile products. Meanwhile, Mudrex’s CEO Edu Patel commented on the current market outlook, stating that BTC dominance maintained around 40% regardless of the marginal surge in global market capitalization.

He added that the last 24 hours noted a sharp decline in traded volumes, and the crypto space was range-bound.

Global Updates

Binance Coin significantly outshined its two top rivals, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Arcane Research show BNB gained nearly 1,300% this year. Meanwhile, BTC continues its December retracement, testing a vital technical area that served as a support floor over the last two years.

While writing this analysis, Bitcoin traded with gains at $47,423 as Ether hovered at $3,741.

Let us see what 2022 has for digital tokens. Stay around for updates.

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