Shiba Inu And Bugatti Group NFT Collection Sells Out In Less Than Two Minutes

Popular dog-themed blockchain Shiba Inu has set a new record regarding NFT sales. The meme coin community members recently celebrated the accomplishment when their special NFT mint collection sold out in under two minutes.

Bugatti Group, a luxury brand known for its accessories and luggage, took to Twitter to acknowledge this achievement by congratulating the SHIB community in a tweet. “Congratulations, Shiba Inu, for successfully getting buyers in about 110 seconds”.

The group behind the Shiba Inu project also recognized the recent achievement on the popular social media platform. They pointed out that the NFT mint collection had sold out incredibly quickly in less than three minutes.

A Remarkable Success

The remarkable success of the NFT mint collection caught the attention of top stakeholders in the blockchain industry. Web3 development studio, Nakalikes, responded to the strong demand for the Shiba Inu, stating that they are super excited with the project’s reception.

They also expressed their surprise at the level of interest in the project. Last week, reports confirmed that Shiba Inu and Bugatti Group pulled resources together to release a collection of physical items and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for holders of Shiboshi NFT genesis tokens.

The NFT mint collection consisted of 299 limited edition releases and a unique first edition release, all sold at the mint price of 0.14 ETH per unit. The partners also devised an innovative approach to reward community members.

According to the partners, about 95% of all minted NFTs will come with exclusive, limited-edition cross-body bags. However, a special treat awaits a select few. These few represent 5% or 15 members of the community.

These individuals will receive custom-made carry-on luggage, giving them a unique canvas to showcase their Shiboshi NFT designs. In addition to the exclusive rewards mentioned earlier, it’s important to note that the minting event went live on the 15th of January on Twitter.

Once the “mint party” is over, holders of the NFTs will have the opportunity to claim their physical merchandise after seven days. As a bonus, Bugatti Group will also extend a generous 55% discount on travel accessories to all holders of these digital collectibles.

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