Lexington Plus Review – What Makes it a Good Option?

Lexington Plus Review

Looking for an online broker? A quick search on Google and the countless options will leave you flummoxed. How will you choose one from so many? You have to do some due diligence here and yes, it means a little time and effort, but the right decision can pay off in the long run. Based in Singapore, Lexington Plus is one of the brokerages you will find in the financial markets and they appear to be making a solid mark very quickly. But, what makes them a good option? This Lexington Plus review can help you find some answers for making the best decision.

The extensive and impressive asset index

One of the first offerings of Lexington Plus that makes it a great option for any trader is their extensive and impressive asset index. Even if you have no prior trading experience, you would know that diversification is considered an excellent strategy for minimizing your trading risks and it is only possible to do so when you have access to numerous instruments. This is exactly what you find here, which means diversification is quite easy.

You will able to trade in some of the leading financial markets at Lexington Plus and this allows traders to find instruments that suit their risk tolerance. You can choose instruments from forex, stocks, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies and a variety of other commodities, allowing everyone to achieve their financial goals easily.

The hassle-free sign up process

When you want to start online trading, you don’t want to get stuck with endless paperwork and other formal requirements. This is where Lexington Plus can be a good option because their sign up process is simple and hassle-free. Go to their website, click on the ‘Register’ button and fill out the form that opens up. It takes only a couple of minutes because the form itself is very straightforward. You just have to provide your first name, last name, and email address, country of residence, phone number and password. Select an account currency from EUR, USD, GBP and BTC and accept their Terms and Conditions and you are good to go.

The multitude of account options

It is understood that you will have to open an account with the broker for trading and this means going over the options at your disposal. There are five accounts that Lexington Plus has developed for its clients and each is meant to appeal to traders of a different category. For instance, the Micro account, which is the first option, is designed with newbie traders in mind, while the Gold Member account, which is the last choice, is meant for professional traders.

Other account options at Lexington Plus include Basic, Premium and Platinum. These accounts come with different features, which include a training program, account manager, trading signals, dedicated analyst, trading reports, customer support and asset on demand, depending on the account you open.

The powerful trading platform

One of the most vital offerings of online brokers is the trading platform they provide to their clients, which is used for trade execution. You will come to know that Lexington Plus has chosen to develop their own trading platform, which is a WebTrader and one of the most powerful solutions in the market. It uses cutting-edge trading technology for speedy trade execution and gives results in real time. You don’t have to worry about downloading or installing this platform because it is accessed via the browser.

The intuitive has been kept simple by Lexington Plus to make it easy to use for every trader and it is fully synchronized. They have also added mobile trading apps for both Android and iOS ecosystems that can be downloaded on the respective device and used for trading from anywhere and anytime, ensuring you don’t miss any trading opportunities.

The Final Word

Counting in their robust customer support and thorough security policies and Lexington Plus is a good option for everyone.

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