Huobi Research Places The Us And Vietnam At The Top Of The Crypto Maturation Chart

Huobi Research conducted a thorough analysis of all available trading data and investments in the crypto industry and found out that the United States and Vietnam are the two most mature markets.

While many people are in a perpetual state of anxiety thanks to various disastrous events in the industry, the rate at which investors and retail traders interact with tokens and DAOs is still very high.

Just 13.7% of US citizens are trading crypto or investing in it, but they generate more trading volume than any other group of people globally.

Critical findings of the report

US-based accounts’ share in the global trading volume is over 9.2% and the rate of participation in DeFi projects is even higher.

The current share of the global DeFi participation in trading is 31.8% for US retail traders. It means that a solid chunk of the crypto market is dictated by a group of traders from the United States of America.

Unfortunately, these people are seeing crypto only as a form of investment with just 13.7% of Americans considering using, trading, or investing in crypto.

Vietnamese people are more open to using innovative financial instruments with over 20.3% interacting with various crypto assets. This number is the highest among nations studied by Huobi Research.

Notably, Russia and Turkey are two countries contributing the largest trading volume numbers to the global crypto market. Russia has 10.1% of the population using crypto and generates about 6.1% of the global trading volume on CEX platforms.

Turkey has less than 4.25% of its population engaged with the market but contributes over 5.6% in trading volume on CEX.

Other nations simply lack the economic power

Crypto is hugely popular in South America and Sub-Saharan Africa where locals are investing to hedge against failing local economies and fiat currencies.

However, the populations of Peru, Kenya, and Brazil simply lack the capital to meaningfully contribute to the global crypto market. The crypto exposure is still relatively low across the board with many countries still struggling to introduce cryptocurrencies to larger portions of their populations.

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